Wound Care: Lower-Extremity Wound Care

Lower extremity wounds, such as leg and foot sores, can be caused by one or a combination of problems including poor circulation, critical limb ischemia, diabetes and other medical problems. The goals of treatment are to: Heal the wound. Relieve pain.

Types of wound
  • Incised wound – A clean, straight cut caused by a sharp edge (i.e. a knife). ...
  • Laceration – A messy looking wound caused by a tearing or crushing force. ...
  • Abrasion – A wound caused by a scraping force or friction. ...
  • Puncture – A deep wound caused by a sharp, stabbing object (i.e. a nail).

The wound healing stages are made up of three basic phases: inflammationproliferation and maturation. There are many types of wounds that require different wound… The wound healing stages are made up of three basic phases: inflammationproliferation and maturation.

Treat the wound with antibiotics: After cleaning the wound, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Close and dress the wound: Closing clean wounds helps promote faster healing. Waterproof bandages and gauze work well for minor wounds. Deep open wounds may require stitches or staples.

Call our office and schedule an appointment so we can help you put a plan together to help heal your open wound.

Woman foot isolated
Medical assistant changes the dressing of a wound at the emergency room

Foot and Ankle Care at Pocono Foot and Ankle


Feel Like You’re Walking on Air

If your feet or ankles have been feeling bent out of shape, make an appointment with the physicians at Pocono Foot & Ankle Consultants.  Once we have diagnosed your medial concerns, we can work toward a treatment plan and help you move forward towards pain relief.

Take Time To Take Care of Your Feet and Ankles

New patients are welcome and same-day appointments may also be available. We want to provide you with reliable care and outstanding service that allows you to heal the proper way. We are used to dealing with types of issues related to patient’s feet and ankles. We also offer specialized care of diabetic feet.

We make sure to get and keep your ankles and feet healthy to prevent problems from happening in the future. We have exactly what you need to get your feet completely healthy.

Walk with Greater Ease

Through treatment and proper care, our board-certified podiatrists can solve your feet and ankle problems with the tools and services our office has available. You can expect to receive the highest quality of medical care and surgery here. We also offer in-office X-rays, diagnostic ultrasound & arterial vascular ultrasound, we get a diagnosis related to your feet and ankle problems right in our office.

You will soon feel yourself feeling much better as we use proven, state of the art equipment & methods that will help you heal faster and live healthier for years to come.


Treatment Available for Your Feet and Ankles:

  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Wound Care
  • Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Heal Pain & Flat Feet
  • Hammertoes and Warts
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Now Accepting New Patients

Same day appointments may be available, and we accept most major insurance and workers compensation plans.